All venues are fully accessible to the disabled and wheelchair seating is available. Please inform the Missouri State TIX agent of your needs at the time of your ticket purchase.

Due to the limited availability of disability seating, all venues adhere to the policy of allowing one disabled patron to have one companion.

For men's and women's basketball only (at Great Southern Bank Arena), the policy of disability seating is as follows: One half of the disability seating is sold as season tickets. Of the remaining half, a portion can be purchased when single tickets go on sale for the games. The remaining seats are held in an attempt to make it as fair as possible for everyone to obtain these tickets. These tickets will be released only on the day of the game (at 10am). These tickets may be purchased over the phone with a credit card or in person at any Missouri State TIX location that is open that day.

Note: that the box office management reserves the right to amend these policies at any time.